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 Welcome to RE-BULB.  What does RE-BULB do??  We help save money and reduce waste without compromising lifetime or performance. We take your existing projector lamp, reuse the housing, and professionally replace the lamp with a factory fresh bulb. Don't have a spent up or broken lamp,  contact us  with your model number and we may have one in stock we can send you at a fraction of the cost. Our RE-BULB lampers are the best in the business.

What types and models projector  lamps can be RE-BULBED??  There are to many to list !  We rebuild projector lamps that use UHP (( Ultra High Performance )) Both AC and DC burners. The Majority of home theater and business projectors use UHP lamps. We can rebuild some Xenon lamps also.  RE-BULB has been able to repair about 95% of the bulbs mailed to us. Email us with your  make, model and bulb number to see if your bulb qualifies for relamping.

Is it time to replace my projector bulb?? The life expectancy of a bulb depends on the projector and your power quality your getting. There are several things you can do to increase your lamp life. (First) make sure your projector doesn't over heat. (Second) clean you filters and keep the fan intake clear of all dust and objects.(Third) use a good power conditioner with surge protection, this will extend the life of your bulb and projector.  The average life of a bulb is between 1000 and 2000 hours and can last up to 4000+ hours if properly cared for. 

Why do i need to replace my bulb ??  UHP lamps use two electrodes that are sealed in a quarts glass tube when heated they form an arc between them to create light. UHP lamps create so much heat that the electrodes melt slightly every time you use them. Over time the electrodes shrink and the distance becomes to hard for the arc to form. This causing the electrode to overheat and bend, soon after it comes in contact with the surrounding quarts glass tube  and "" BOOM "" there goes your bulb.  Most projector housings are made to withstand the explosion should this happen.

How much does it cost??  Payment Services   Most cases it will cost $249.  Some Xenon lamps and chip lamps can cost up to $399. Both in stock lamps and the lamps you send in to relamp cost about the same.
Why?  Our cages we have in stock are sent in by our customer's for recycling.  That's one of the way's we support
 Go Green by relamping recycled cages that we have in stock if they pass our inspection process.

Is there a warranty?? Yes all our in stock and relamped bulbs come with a 90 day warranty. Normally we do not have any problems, but just in case we send you a defected lamp and this happens we will replace it or relamp it free of charge, you just pay the shipping back to us.

RE-BULB is proud to be a part of the GO GREEN community that helps reduce the harmful waste of our great planet. So consider us at RE-BULB  next time you need to replace or relamp your bulb. Together we just might make a impact all around our great Planet.


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